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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October Tastings

After Ismail offered to let us try the Sublimation from Russian River Brewing, I stopped past Johns Marketplace for some complimentary beers. Damnation also from Russian River was a given that we must try it.
Jed, Ish, BC, Shannon, Theresa, Jessie and I began with what I figured would be the lightest body beer, the 08.08.08 Vertical Epic from Stone Brewing.
everyone agreed there were a lot of fruity esters coming out quite strong, and we were divided over what it closely resembled, most offered "Juicy Fruit" Gum as what the melange came up to be. much different then when it was first released and i tried it, at that point the hops were more evident and strong. those flavors have dissappeared and are now replaced with the fruitiness. high alcohol flavor but not astringint, more like flouride taste. I proposed that was due to the high carbonation level that is evident. I think that pouring into the glass vigorously will be required on the final tasting in 2012. overall it was a very good belgian strong, and only time will tell as to what comes out next.

Brewers Ale 2008 from Rogue Brewing
had to buy this bottle, it's got a dog on the label. :)
good hop aroma for a darker beer, I felt it was too carbonated, and the bitterness is quite strong. roasty hazelnut flavors are very strong. the recommended foods are pig and fire, and I would have to agree. it's not a beer I would drink without dinner.

Damnation by Russian River Brewery
Belgian golden strong. Brilliant. just brilliant. it's so very good. orange peel and coriander are evident in the flavor, crisp and light body made this my favorite for the evening. Vinnie C at Russian River hit it out of the park again here.

Supplication by Russian River Brewery
High Tart, Cherry scent and taste. this is strong with alcohol and cherries, just overwhelming. it's a very strong sour taste, almost vitamin C strong. I definately couldn't take one alone, and even then it's a sipping beer. after 14 months of aging at the brewery I also couldn't afford to drink many of these. :)

Double Dead Guy by Rogue Brewing
this is dead guy, the maibock from Rogue, with double the hops and alcohol. nothing else to say other than they doubled it. quite impressive too considering the double bastard from Stone brewing has a very strong malt character to it that kills the palate, this one manages to balance quite well. I would definately recommend this to anyone that likes dead guy and doesn't have time to drink them quick enough.

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