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Monday, October 20, 2008

Bear Creek Beers

Bear Creek Beers, located in downtown Medford Oregon is our area's newest specialty beer store. Even though the business is only just opened its doors I have to say that I am excited. With plenty of room to grow they already stock some very hard to find beers as well as many high quality domestic craft brews. I was very pleased to see Russian Rivers Pliny the Elder in stock as well as several Dogfish head brews. Their selection of Belgian style ales is outstanding. The folks working there are all very knowledgable about the beers offered as well as willing to take suggestions on brands they should be stocking.

The Rogue Valley Homebrewers club met there last week for a German Beer Tasting and we were not let down. I am planning on making it to all the tastings (Bear Creek Beers is going to try and host one per month) and I'll keep you updated as we go!

Not exactly Beer...Zima production ending.

Just read a press release that says MillerCoors is end production of Zima as of Oct 10th and expects availability though Dec. I know its not exactly beer, nor is it likely to be sad news to most of our readers, but Zima was one of the orignal "malterative" drinks out there. Every time I go the the store to pick up some beer I see the cooler sectioned out into Macrobrews, Mircobrews, and "malterative". If Zima production is being stopped due to declining consumer interest (as cited in the MillerCoors press release), I have to wonder how well all the others are selling.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October Tastings

After Ismail offered to let us try the Sublimation from Russian River Brewing, I stopped past Johns Marketplace for some complimentary beers. Damnation also from Russian River was a given that we must try it.
Jed, Ish, BC, Shannon, Theresa, Jessie and I began with what I figured would be the lightest body beer, the 08.08.08 Vertical Epic from Stone Brewing.
everyone agreed there were a lot of fruity esters coming out quite strong, and we were divided over what it closely resembled, most offered "Juicy Fruit" Gum as what the melange came up to be. much different then when it was first released and i tried it, at that point the hops were more evident and strong. those flavors have dissappeared and are now replaced with the fruitiness. high alcohol flavor but not astringint, more like flouride taste. I proposed that was due to the high carbonation level that is evident. I think that pouring into the glass vigorously will be required on the final tasting in 2012. overall it was a very good belgian strong, and only time will tell as to what comes out next.

Brewers Ale 2008 from Rogue Brewing
had to buy this bottle, it's got a dog on the label. :)
good hop aroma for a darker beer, I felt it was too carbonated, and the bitterness is quite strong. roasty hazelnut flavors are very strong. the recommended foods are pig and fire, and I would have to agree. it's not a beer I would drink without dinner.

Damnation by Russian River Brewery
Belgian golden strong. Brilliant. just brilliant. it's so very good. orange peel and coriander are evident in the flavor, crisp and light body made this my favorite for the evening. Vinnie C at Russian River hit it out of the park again here.

Supplication by Russian River Brewery
High Tart, Cherry scent and taste. this is strong with alcohol and cherries, just overwhelming. it's a very strong sour taste, almost vitamin C strong. I definately couldn't take one alone, and even then it's a sipping beer. after 14 months of aging at the brewery I also couldn't afford to drink many of these. :)

Double Dead Guy by Rogue Brewing
this is dead guy, the maibock from Rogue, with double the hops and alcohol. nothing else to say other than they doubled it. quite impressive too considering the double bastard from Stone brewing has a very strong malt character to it that kills the palate, this one manages to balance quite well. I would definately recommend this to anyone that likes dead guy and doesn't have time to drink them quick enough.

Monday, October 13, 2008

October meeting for Rogue Valley Homebrewers!

This month's RVHB meeting will be in a location that has me very excited. We'll be meeting at Bear Creek Beers. I had not heard of this store until just recently and haven't even been able to stop in yet, but here is why I am excited. Its a specialty beer store that looks like it doesn't lack specialty beers! There are one or two other bottle shops in the area but they don't really stock anything special, not like Johns Marketplace in Portland does. But this store, this store looks like they stock a lot of hard to find beers, and even the glassware to drink it with!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Flying Dog...where is the love?

Oh Flying Dog, you breaker of hearts! I remember when I first met you, oh so many months ago. I was on the traditional quick sweep down the beer isle and there I saw you. A new brand of beer, interesting bottle art, decent price. I bought you that night and took you home, I drank you and enjoyed it. The next day I wrote to you and told you I was going to blog about you. Much to my surprise you wrote back and offered me your support for this little blog. A few weeks later I was again surprised to find a package from you in the mail. A letter and more support for my blog. But in the months since I haven't heard a word from you. Have you forgotten about me, all the way out here in Oregon? Have you moved on to other fellows and other blogs? I still see you in the store, I still buy your bottles with artistic labels. But why don't you send me support any more. Why do you not write to me any more? Oh well, Fuck Cancer!

National Teach a Friend to Home Brew Day (Nov 1st)

Rogue Valley Home Brewers will be hosting a learn to brew session at Grains Beans and Things (new homebrew store on Crater Lake Ave. in Medford) on National Teach a Friend to Home Brew Day (Nov 1st). The club is really excited about this because we not only get to share our love of homebrewing, but we also are going to get a lot of exposure out of it. Grains Beans and Things will be taking out newpaper and radio ads for about a week before hand. Also the store has been collecting a lot of names from people interested in checking out the club. Hopefully at least a handful of the 20 or so folks will fully join us. We need a slightly bigger group in the club before we can start doing some of the really cool stuff, like brewing compitions, tasting panels with brewers, etc.