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Friday, October 10, 2008

National Teach a Friend to Home Brew Day (Nov 1st)

Rogue Valley Home Brewers will be hosting a learn to brew session at Grains Beans and Things (new homebrew store on Crater Lake Ave. in Medford) on National Teach a Friend to Home Brew Day (Nov 1st). The club is really excited about this because we not only get to share our love of homebrewing, but we also are going to get a lot of exposure out of it. Grains Beans and Things will be taking out newpaper and radio ads for about a week before hand. Also the store has been collecting a lot of names from people interested in checking out the club. Hopefully at least a handful of the 20 or so folks will fully join us. We need a slightly bigger group in the club before we can start doing some of the really cool stuff, like brewing compitions, tasting panels with brewers, etc.

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