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Friday, October 10, 2008

Flying Dog...where is the love?

Oh Flying Dog, you breaker of hearts! I remember when I first met you, oh so many months ago. I was on the traditional quick sweep down the beer isle and there I saw you. A new brand of beer, interesting bottle art, decent price. I bought you that night and took you home, I drank you and enjoyed it. The next day I wrote to you and told you I was going to blog about you. Much to my surprise you wrote back and offered me your support for this little blog. A few weeks later I was again surprised to find a package from you in the mail. A letter and more support for my blog. But in the months since I haven't heard a word from you. Have you forgotten about me, all the way out here in Oregon? Have you moved on to other fellows and other blogs? I still see you in the store, I still buy your bottles with artistic labels. But why don't you send me support any more. Why do you not write to me any more? Oh well, Fuck Cancer!

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Silver said...

Tonight on the list is a handful of beers I picked up at John's Market.
Double Dead Guy by Rogue Brewing
08.08.08 Vertical Epic by Stone
Supplication by Russian River
Damnation by Russian River
and a couple other I can't remember right now.
I'll be taking notes and posting them probably after the hangover.