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Monday, October 13, 2008

October meeting for Rogue Valley Homebrewers!

This month's RVHB meeting will be in a location that has me very excited. We'll be meeting at Bear Creek Beers. I had not heard of this store until just recently and haven't even been able to stop in yet, but here is why I am excited. Its a specialty beer store that looks like it doesn't lack specialty beers! There are one or two other bottle shops in the area but they don't really stock anything special, not like Johns Marketplace in Portland does. But this store, this store looks like they stock a lot of hard to find beers, and even the glassware to drink it with!

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Silver said...

Johns Marketplace just expanded the aisles.
no longer is the beer confined to the corner, now it's the back 1/4th of the store. two massive lanes of imported goodness next to the opened up towers of domestic craft beer.
I wanted to cry I was so happy. :)