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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Southern Oregon Brewing Update

I've had the chance to get back into Southern Oregon Brewing's tap room and tasted some great beers! The two that I want to point out are Woodshed Red and the Imperial Oak aged Red.

Woodshed Red has been around for awhile, but SOB has changed the yeast used to ferment this been and I have to say, its a whole new game. The previous version was "just ok" as far as reds go. But, this new version is great. It comes off as much more of a bold, hoppy, malty beer. Its something that you will remember.

The oak aged Imperial (only available in a very limited amount and only in the tap room) is unbelievable! Aged in oak barrels for multiple months, this beer imparts a subtle oak/vanilla flavor that melds in nicely with the big malty and hoppy flavors present. I don't know how much is left at the tap room so get out there and buy a pint or two today!

One last note is that SOB is having a beer tasting dinner at the Prospect Hotel Dinner House on Saturday March 20th at 5pm.

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