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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Press Release: Wild River is hosting "Care for Kelly" Fundraiser

Wild River® Medford host Care for Kelly fundraiser.

Once again Wild River® steps up to the plate this time to support a struggling family that has been ignored by the state health system.

      Medford, OR July 15, 2009: Wild River® Medford, part of the Wild River® Brewing Family, will host a Care for Kelly fundraiser, Wednesday, July 22nd. Wild River® will be donating a portion of all proceeds directly to the family of Kelly Parmenter. Kelly is a former Wild River® employee and long time community resident of the Rogue Valley. Tuesday’s fundraiser will only be at the Medford Location 2684 North Pacific Hwy. (541)773.7487

    Kelly Parmenter is a 33 year old wife and mother to two beautiful young daughters Sarah age 10 and Kristen age 12. Kelly became drastically ill about 3 years ago, with rapid severe symptoms that became fully disabling. She urgently worked with doctors trying to understand what was going on, why her body seemed to be fully shutting down. Finally a diagnosis of an untreatable brain tumor was received. For months she could not find a surgeon that would consider surgery. Finally after exhaustive pressure she got a surgeon at OHSU to do a biopsy on the tumor which is on a stalk between the optic nerve and the pituitary gland.

    The surgery did little to improve her situation but she was moving forward to getting medications to help restore some life functions. However OHP has denied her the medications that she desperately needs in order to survive with some form of basic life functioning. There are two major prescriptions that are very expensive and not covered. The first is Humatrope Growth Hormone manufactured by Eli Lilly. OHP initially denied coverage of this medicine but with pressure from Kelly's doctor at OHSU they eventually gave her a waiver and begin paying for it; for about a year. Then nearly two months ago, out of the blue she did not receive the shipment, no notice no warning just no shipment. After contacting the pharmacy she found out OHP stopped paying for it. This prescription is over $1000 per month and apparently has severe side effects if you stop taking it suddenly. She could not even begin to pay for the drug even after selling off most of their possessions and maxing out their credit. This is a drug that is not on the formulary and only because an exception had been made was she receiving it. Because she has suddenly stopped taking the drug her health is even more rapidly spiraling downward and will probably be fatal very soon. She does not qualify for assistance from Eli Lilly because she has "Health Insurance" OHP. The second major medicine that OHP will not cover is DDAVP Nasal spray. The manufacture is Bausch and Lomb. She is receiving medication assistance on this one from Sanofi Aventis, however, their limit is 8 bottles out of the 12 she requires every 3 months. OHP also does not cover this one, they never have. It is appx. $100.00 per bottle, and 1 bottle lasts her 1 week. She has used all of her available credit just trying to keep up with the expense of maintaining the difference.

    Contributions can be made at Wild River® any time and Evergreen Federal “Care for Kelly” Kelly Parmenter account.

    Please find it in your heart to join the Volunteer crew at Wild River® in Medford Wednesday, July 22nd for this incredible opportunity to help someone in our community.

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