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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Premium Dark Lager - Session Dark!

I just saw that Full Sail will be releasing Session Dark Lager in Hood River tonight!

Session Lager, by Full Sail, is one of the best lagers I have drank in a long time. I have used this beer as an "introduction beer" for my non-craft beer friends.

Full Sail is now introducing Session Black as the newest member of the Full Sail lineup. A Premium Dark Lager. I hope that by using the Session name, they aren't just hoping to ride on the coat tails of a great beer, but that this dark lager is being named Session because it is a great beer!

Full Sail, if you read this, send me some...otherwise I guess I just have to wait and buy Session Dark when it finally trickles down here to Southern Oregon....

1 comment:

Brett Begani said...

I had the Widmer Double Alt over the weekend.
I'm guessing that Haggen can't store beer well. It tasted like pickles.
I know it's Haggen, because the next beer I bought was an IPA that also
tasted like pickles
very sad
makes me wonder if the three Hair of the Dog "Adam" beers I bought will also
taste like pickles.