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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rogue Valley Homebrewers March Meeting [Update]

This month's meeting is almost here.

We'll be meeting at Dennis Dye's house (contact me for specfic address) this Thursday, March 19th at 7:00 to judge our first quarter brew, STOUTS (BJCP category 13).

I am currently looking for 3 to 5 people to judge and score the entries based on the 2008 BJCP guidelines (attached). If you are interested in being a judge (no experience necessary) please let me know.

Those of you wishing to enter your stout are asked to provide at least 2 - 12oz bottles for judging along with any additional beer for others to sample.

The winner of the taste off will take home a pint glass signed by Charlie Papazian courtesy of Bob and Grains, Beans and Things.

Those of us not judging will take the opportunity to sample the entries and discuss what makes a good stout.

We will also be voting on next quarter’s ‘taste off’ beer. In January we decided the second quarter beer would be an American Ale (BJCP Category 10). This month we will narrow it to a single sub category. The choices are 10A American Pale Ale, 10B American Amber Ale, or 10C American Brown Ale

Mark your calendars for the following meetings…

March 19th – Stout ‘taste off’

April 16th – everything hops. From how to grow them to hop characteristics and the sampling of our single hopped beers

May 21st – off flavor workshop. This will be a members only event as dues will be used to offset the cost of the off flavor kit

June 18th – Quarter brew taste off.



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