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Monday, April 21, 2008

Shop N Kart expanded selection!

I was in Ashland over the weekend and stopped in at Shop N' Kart. I've always known that they have one of the best beer selections in town but I was pleasantly surprised to see a very expanded selection. They are currently stocking a large number of 22 oz. bottle that cover everything from a wide selection of Rouge Ales, to new organic ales, to some very interesting Belgian style ales. They have also expended their line up of Lagunitas Ales. I picked a lot of their new beers and will have some reviews posted soon.

More important to me though, is the number of sour ales Shop N' Cart is now stocking. I love Flanders Red ales and Lambic ales but they are always so hard to find! Well, there is currently several Flanders in stock and several different Lambics available.

The Belgian style ale selection is also very impressive at Shop N Kart right now. Without actually counting, its my impression that they are giving Market of Choice a run for their money.

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