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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The beginning

Here we are, the first post. This blog is about everyday beer. Beer you buy because you like it, its available at the local mart, and mostly because its good solid beer. We are not going to go into esoteric reviews of beer, and the subtle aromas. I'm not going to describe the hidden depths of various flavors that roll across the tongue after the initial wave of hops and malts subside. We are going to write about beer in plain, every day terms. We will cover the local Southern Oregon beer scene, giving you a run down on what brews are available at what pub, what brewery is planning which beer.

The beer scene in Southern Oregon is getting ready to really take off. New microbreweries and craft brewers are opening and expanding their line ups, home brew clubs are forming, meeting, and competing. Pubs are starting to offer the best of whats out there. We here at Everyday Drinking will be making sure you all know whats going on.

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