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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Giddy Up!

New beer from the New Belgium pioneers in the US, it's a Coffee infused belgian style beer. I was intrigued and worried from the outset ever since reading about it. now that I've had a chance to drink it I found more to question.
The taste is very smooth, light belgian yeast taste on the back, with a lemon front from the peel they brew with. the coffee taste was very subdued and almost undetectable from the bottles I tried. It makes me wonder if I already had a mishandled case from the reviews I've gotten online about this beer. commented over twitter that it tastes much more bold at room temperature, as the flavors really stand out. Now I have to find another case and let some warm up in my tasting glasses.
Thanks to my friend BC for the giftmas present of a set of 6 Chimay tasting glasses. And yes I'll be stealing some of the wine tasting glasses my wife got for Giftmas for beer tasting.
now if only I could find some Pinot glasses for my collection, as I see those on the recommendations from Russian River for most of their beers. Giddy up does give a little kick to it, as I was up drinking them very late. :)

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