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Friday, November 21, 2008

Here's to the beer sciencetist out there!

I love Beer Science!

Looks like a team of scientists at Harvard University have finally discovered the single gene in yeast that cause flocculation (the ability for yeast cells to clump together, making it easier for the yeast to fall out of solution and creating a brighter beer).

In other news students at Rice University, in Huston TX, are working on engineering a beer that includes resveratrol, the disease-fighting chemical that's been found in red wine. They are genetically engineering yeast that will ferment beer and produce resveratrol at the same time. Yay for healthy beer!

Lastly, have any of you seen this? It appears that a company hired Jessica Simpson to advertise a beer that is "brewed with Vitamin Water". HUH? There are already a lot of vitamins in beer...and it may just be me, but I'm not going to buy a beer "just 'cause Jessica says so."

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