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Monday, June 9, 2008

Flying Dog now available in Southern Oregon

I'm home sick today, so what better time then now to post about Flying Dog Brewery! Flying Dog has recently been picked up by Gold River Distributing and their beers are quickly becoming available in the area. Flying Dog's approach to beer advertising is very much grass roots. They have great looking bottle art, witty writers for their website, email, and blog and understand the importance of technology in advertising. Even their PR correspondence is a breath of fresh air. Basically, it seems like these guys are just having fun, but what is important is that they are creating an image that appeals to a younger crowd, as an example they just started a "Text and Win" promotion.

Check back later this week for a review on several of their brews, but real quick, let me say that their ales are VERY worth while. I haven't had one that I don't like yet, nor have I seen a bottle of theirs that doesn't stand out. BTW, when a company uses for their feedback address you know they are going to be worth checking out.

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The Finance Pirate said...

The Flying Dog people are good folks. The brewery's about a 10 minute drive away and I try to make their tours from time to time. Snake Dog IPA is my favorite, and Old Scratch and Tire Bite are great too.