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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Reminder: Rouge Valley Homebrewers Porter Compitition

This is a reminder for those entering the Rouge Valley Homebrewers Porter Competition. Tastings will be held during the June 19th club meeting. If you are interested in joining the Rouge Valley Home Brewer's just contact me.

The Porter tasting/competition is a local and informal homebrew competition being hosted by RVHB with help from Southern Oregon Brewing. RVHB meets once a month officially, and several times a quarter unofficially and always warmly welcomes new members.

Southern Oregon Brewing is the Rouge Vally's newest brewery. SOB is doing some really interesting work. All their ales are fermented with a hybrid ale/lager yeast, giving their brews a very smooth, pleasing taste and body. Visit them at 1922 United Way in Medford, behind Lava Lanes and tell them Chris sent you!

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